Monday, May 2, 2011

I drank a shot of 1792 the day Bin Laden died.

I'm not a political person. Not that I don't have an opinion or don't care, I just do not see the point in expressing my political opinion every five minutes given the lines that currently divide our country, and the heat associated with being on a specific "team." Following politics too closely is usually a disappointing and emotionally draining exercise for me, so I just do not do it. I think a lot of writers feel the same way. Besides, political discussions do not go over well at parties. So, in the past 8 months I have not watched the news for more than ten minutes. That is, until last night when I heard that Bin Laden was dead.

I initially found out about Bin Laden's death through FaceBook, proving that my vigilant friends will always bring the "big issues" to my attention and reinforcing that I can continue to ignore the news.

Maybe this will become a political issue in the upcoming election, but for just one night we put politics aside. Both the Bush and Obama administrations encouraged our CIA agents to continue to hunt for Bin Laden, and that is all I need to know. Those agents (whose names we'll never know) were the ones who made the biggest difference. I do give props to our president for making an extremely gutsy decision in authorizing this attack.

The simple truth is that Bin Laden got the ass-kicking he had coming, and it had nothing to do with politics in America.

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