Thursday, August 11, 2011

A good week, and inspiration.

After suffering from a slump the past few weeks, I seem to have pulled out of it. It is always difficult to say what causes these things, other than life happens. There has been a lot of extra curricular swimming going on, as well as a good deal of quality time spent with my better half. That can certainly keep your productivity low...but in the best possible way, of course. It is always good to live.

I'll just blame the greater part of my listlessness on some particularly stressful work days and worrying about getting my yard together, the latter of which will never be truly together. What is "together" for a yard anyway? Is your yard together when the city doesn't put a notice on your door begging you to cut your grass and pull those long-ago-dead plants? If so, I seem to be safe for the moment.

As I fought through days of un-creativity, I went to the Rasputina show in Kentucky at the legendary Southgate House. Daniel DeJesus is her latest cello player, and I purchased one of his solo CDs called "From the Subconcious." His work has lit a fire under my ass. He is an unbelievable "riffer" on the cello and has an angelic, impossibly strong voice.

It took me a minute to get used to him, but like any fine wine or rich coffee, it was well worth it.