Friday, July 15, 2011

My Special Place

Wow, it has really been a few weeks since I posted. I'll be real honest here. When a story has me completely engaged--or otherwise kicking my ass--I have a hard time being "social." That means I may not have a FaceBook or Twitter update in a few days, or even a week. It is a bummer because then it might seem like I'm not working, but I am.

Sometimes I just have to go to my special place to make it all happen.

"Kenny, tell us, where is your special place?" OMG, I thought you'd never ask.

My special place often times is just a quiet piece of land in my own mind, a period of reflection that lasts a few days. Nothing special happens, other than I wait and try not to talk Michele's ear off. It is a very strange time, because (as a lot of writers will tell you) I feel like I should be doing something, but I'm not. It's all just stewing around in my brain. Usually, I engage in a variety of house chores or try to watch a few movies.

Eventually, something causes it to click. It could be a particularly aggravating day at work, or just being bored.

Yesterday, it was a drive to Louisville to pick up the lil' woman from the airport after her return from Florida to visit her sisters. As the bluegrass rolled by, pieces started falling into place, bad ideas were tossed aside and my confidence kicked back in. So, maybe a long drive is worth the price of gas after all.

Anyway, I have a new article up at Rogue Blades Entertainment called "Big Heroes Make Big Decisions." Check it out.