Friday, April 8, 2011

Each day, I fight to write.

One of the most talked about subjects for any group of writers is writing production. We constantly try to increase daily word count. And it isn't just about quantity. No one wants to produce crap. But regardless of how much we labor over a character or scene, or procrastinate because we cannot find the words, we all know that to stop writing is death.

Most writers have families to support, and yet they still avoid making the sacrifice of pursuing a normal career due to the demands of a high-pressure day job, and the effects it has on writing production. As for myself, I put my fiction (and a family) on hold to build that career. Still, those who feel writing is their calling will always be willing to work around just about anything to get the words out.

Call it the voices in our heads, self-destruction or our pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. For some it just pays the bills. 

Most agree that setting a daily writing schedule helps, and I'm on board with that. Quit browsing the internet when you should be writing, and seek isolation when you do write. Watching Dexter while trying to write does not work. Trust me. A writer friend of mine, Jon Sprunk, wrote a great article about being In The Flow.

Are there any aspiring writers out there? How much do you write?

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